Application direction of high-pressure gas filters

The high-pressure gas filter can filter out more than 0.3 with a filtration rate of 99.99% μ The particles of m, also known as high-efficiency filters, have good permeability, which can enable the filtering equipment to display very good filtering effects. Compared to ordinary filters, high-efficiency filters can work longer without affecting the air, and blockage is rarely seen. But when choosing filtering, it is important to use appropriate specifications based on your own needs. To choose according to strict standards, quality issues have always been an important topic. There is no need to mention the issue of quality, and no one is willing to purchase anything of poor quality.

High pressure gas filters can be widely used in the manufacturing of optical electronics, LCD liquid crystals, biopharmaceuticals, hospitals, precision instruments, beverages, food, PCB printing and other industries for air conditioning at the end of purification workshops. For example, a cargo shower room, also known as a cargo shower channel, is a type of air shower room. It is a purification equipment used to blow and dust goods between clean and non clean areas, which can reduce the pollution caused by goods entering and leaving the clean room. However, compared to other filtering equipment, the cargo shower room has its own characteristics.

The cargo shower room generally appears in the form of a box body, made of stainless steel cold-rolled steel plates, making it suitable for filtration and purification work.

After being filtered by a high-pressure gas filter, the clean airflow is sprayed from all directions by a rotating nozzle onto the human body, quickly removing dust particles. The air containing dust particles is then filtered by an initial high-efficiency filter screen and re circulated to the shower area. When replacing the air filter screen, it is necessary to remove the spray ball plate, take out the high-efficiency filter screen, and replace it with a new high-efficiency air filter screen according to the specifications and models of the original high-efficiency filter screen. During installation, confirm the arrow markings on the high-efficiency filter screen, and the arrow should point in the direction of the airflow. And ensure good sealing to prevent leakage. The large particles in the suspended particle population are mainly released in the process environment, and suitable sampling devices and measurement procedures should be determined based on specific applications. The factors to consider include the density, shape, volume, and aerodynamic characteristics of particles, as well as the special components in the total suspended particles that may require special emphasis.