Application scope of bag filter

The application scope of bag filter: The bag filter principle is a new type of filtration system. The filter bag is supported by a metal mesh basket inside the filter, and the liquid flows in from the inlet. After being filtered by the filter bag, it flows out from the outlet, and impurities are intercepted in the filter bag. After replacing the filter bag, it can continue to be used.

The trend is for bag filtration systems to partially replace filter cartridge filtration – bag filtration has a large processing capacity, small volume, and large capacity for pollutants; The effective filtering area of a No. 2 filter bag is equivalent to 20 10 “filter cartridges; regardless of cost or efficiency, the filter bag is superior to the filter cartridge.

–Based on the working principle and structure of the bag filter system, it is convenient and fast to replace the filter bag, and the filter is free from cleaning, saving labor and time.

–The side leakage rate of the filter bag is low, effectively ensuring the filtration quality, while the side leakage rate of the filter element is high, and the side leakage rate of n filter elements reaches 2n!

–Bag filter can bear greater working pressure, reduce pressure loss, lower operating costs, and have good energy-saving effects.

–The filtration accuracy of the filter bag is constantly improving, reaching 0.5 micrometers, which can replace the filter element filtration in a large range.

–Bag filter has a wide range of applications, flexible use, and diverse installation methods.

–It can be used in conjunction with self-cleaning, membrane filtration, or other filtration systems to meet different needs.